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Administrative :D

Welcome to Dreamwidth's first community dedicated to the fantastic creative genius that is the Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratory.

I hope that this community will self-govern for the most part so no hard and fast rules for now. The only thing I would prefer is to keep it on-topic and related to BPAL in some way and play nice. If you want to discuss another company I have created [community profile] scent_junkies for the rest of the online bath and body e-tail universe.

I think it will be ok for swaps and sales to be posted but try to keep it to once every week as the community is still small and one person posting their sale every other day will make for a very spammy subscription view. Also please utilize the cut tag feature for long entries. And don't scam people or price gouging please.

I'll attempt to set up some tags soon, it may help with organization. Also if anyone joining has any ideas, feel free to shout.